Haulage Services

Playing a vital role in the bulk transport sector

Bulk transport is an indispensable part of our everyday lives. It plays a pivotal role in supplying bulk ingredients to our food producers and delivering materials to industry. It keeps our cars fuelled and provides aggregates to concrete-producing companies.  It delivers flour to bakers, gas to our homes and agricultural produce such as grains and food oils to merchants. It carries the polymers that are used in the production of bottles and plastic drums, car parts, food packaging, furniture, toys, CDs and laminates for flooring  - the list is endless.

Our Haulage Services division operates at the heart of bulk transportation.  It is, arguably, our most highly specialised division.  Operating from our depots in Ballyclare, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Preston, our dedicated tanker fleet is driven by highly trained employees who operate at the peak of their profession.  They are immersed in a culture that is process-driven and where safety is paramount. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the fact that we employ our own in-house, full time Driver & Quality Assessors, delivering customer-specific training.

This is an exciting time for Haulage Services Ld.  To cater for anticipated future demand and maintain our market dominance, we are working to broaden our market-leading services in the island of Ireland and UK, through tailored facilities, including:


  • Transportation of Bulk Powder (Foods and Non Foods)
  • Transportation of Bulk Liquids (Foods and Non Foods)
  • Transportation of Bulk Gas
  • Transportation of Bulk Glass
  • Self Discharge Units (SDUs) – bag in box
  • Decanting - pre-loaded tonnage bags
  • Combined Services - handling any type of delivery, from anywhere.
  • The operation and scheduling of customers’ own tank trailers

Tanker Services

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Bulk Liquid Transport

Bulk Gas Transport

Bulk Product Storage & Handling

Decanting / Product Transfer

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On Site Facilities

On site facilities and services that we can provide...

  • - Traffic Office
  • - 80,000sq.ft Warehousing
  • - Car Storage
  • - PDI Centre
  • - GB & ROI Depots

Woodside Group is a leading distribution, haulage and logistics company operating throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and world-wide.

Whether you produce vehicle parts, FMCG goods, heavy plant or high street fashion, at some point your business will need to distribute your products.

This means choosing the correct transport partner - one that will offer the right balance between time, budget and efficiency. Get this right, and your business will thrive. The Woodside Group is here to make sure that happens.

Our role is to transport your goods from where they are, to where you want them to be, efficiently, safely and professionally.

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